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Photorealism – art you can believe in

Is that a photograph? Is it a painting? With photorealism, it is sometimes hard to tell. Originating on the back of the pop art movement of the sixties and seventies, photorealistic art is an attempt to replicate not the real world itself, but photographs of its wonders. By the latter decades of the twentieth century, photography had become established as an art form in its own right, presenting artists with a different way of viewing the world. Photography offered a more detailed, authentic perspective on life than painting ever had. Photorealists took these fresh ideas and re-applied them to more traditional media, thus completing the circle of inspiration.

Add reality and fantasy to your home with photorealism

Photorealism is defined by its astonishing attention to detail, yet unlike photography, it is constrained only by the limits of the artist’s imagination. At Posterlounge, we have a huge range of both real-life and fantastical photorealistic images that can open up portals to other worlds right from the comfort of your home.

The incredible lighting and reflections in images such as The last full bottle and Flower will have all your guests second-guessing as their beautiful, life-like colours allow them to blend in perfectly in your lounge or dining room. Alternatively, apartments with more minimalist décor will be offset perfectly by the striking retro colouring of Monika Jüngling’s Lady Elegance and Be quiet.

But when it’s time for bed, there’s no sedative more effective than simply letting your imagination run away with you. Allow yourself to be inspired by photorealism favourites like Night before Magic and Mermaid’s Cave, or adorn your walls with Anna Dittman’s ethereal, surreal portraits to help you drift off. Television fans are sure to be thrilled by the iconic beauty of Winter Somewhere, Brienne and Mother of Dragons.

Photorealism in your favourite format

The intense colours and pop-up style of many photorealistic prints make them perfect for displaying on aluminium Dibond backgrounds. Lightweight and rigid, this thin-profile material can be mounted anywhere, even outdoors. Or to bring out the depth in those detailed fantasy worlds, try our acrylic glass printing option. No frame is required for either of these high-quality formats.