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Pop art pictures are fun!

Pop art is an art style inspired by elements found in popular and commercial culture such as advertisements, movies and pop music. This art movement started in America and Britain in the 1950s and 1960s. Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein are probably the most famous pop artists. Almost everyone will have seen some of their work somewhere, for example Warhol's famous "Campbell's Soup Cans" or Lichtenstein's comic book style pop art paintings and drawings.

Graphic design classics

It's not surprising that pop art pictures often look as if they were created by graphic designers – many of the first proponents of this art style in fact started out as commercial illustrators. That is also why pop art posters, prints and paintings are so wonderfully decorative: they are meant to attract our attention, usually with bright colours, striking lettering and unusual subjects. They make a statement. They are bold. And above all, they are never boring!

Contemporary flair

Pop art pictures add a modern touch to interiors yet are not overbearing. They are suitable for absolutely any room in the house, and are also a great way to cheer up an office or a waiting room. A pop art poster can add a classic, fun twist to a teenager's room, for instance. The range of subjects is so incredibly varied that you are bound to find a pop art picture that is exactly what you are looking for. As pop art pictures often focus on everyday items, they can also add contemporary flair to a traditionally furnished room – why not hang one of Mark Ashkenazi's pop art pictures of musical instruments on the wall above a grand piano for contrast? Or one of Jazzberry Blue's striking geometric designs in a study? The German artist Renate Berghaus specialises in beautiful animal portraits – wouldn't it be fun to breakfast "watched" by one of her charming cow portraits in a country style kitchen? Let your imagination run wild!

Our pop art prints are available as posters, printed on canvas, or UV printed on a DIBOND® aluminium backing plate, FOREX® rigid foam board or glossy acrylic glass.