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Trippy Art Posters

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Psychedelic art for love & peace at home

From mandalas and mushrooms to fractals and free spirits, with the psychedelic art in the Posterlounge collection you can cover your walls with messages of love and peace. You will find flocks of butterflies in day-glow colours surrounded by swirling patterns and “flower power” in variations ranging from realistic poppies in mixed media to a rainbow flower party complete with bubbles and butterflies. The paisley shape is an ancient ornament beloved by modern-day trance fans, and we have paisley psychedelic art prints in hot Moroccan desert colours. If you prefer cool, choose a cosmic yantra design, a manifestation of chi or glowing abstract fractals in electric blue.

Spiritual guides on your walls with psychedelic art

In the illustrations of Mat Miller, animals serve as the channels to our spiritual lives. Rendered in great detail, psychedelic art such as his “Journeying Spirit” works draw us into a world that is soft and rich with alternative meaning. Whether she is presenting inspiring nature or enchanted fairy and butterfly worlds, Alixandra Mullins combines photorealism with happy rainbow colours to create enchanting results. In her psychedelic art posters such as “Rainbow Lion” and “Jaguar Meadow,” the world really is one. Maruto, on the other hand, focuses on cosmic disintegration. In tender graphical psychedelic posters such as “akhenaten” and “horsie,” particles of colour swirl together to finally manifest form.

Go with the flow: psychedelic art from Posterlounge

Whether you hang your new psychedelic art in your bedroom or prefer to receive its positive message at your leisure in the living room, it will add a fresh, new dimension to your life. Choose your favourite colours or subjects, and then find the right size and material. At Posterlounge, you have a variety of mounting options.

Psychedelic posters are the classical choice. This uncomplicated material is easy to hang and you can even add the frame of your choice. As an alternative, lightweight acrylic glass will give more depth to the colours in psychedelic art and intensify their brilliant glow.

Images containing lots of white look best on Forex foam board. Use this material for works by Mr Miller or print them on canvas for an authentic look with added dignity. Alu Dibond is also a good choice for printed psychedelic wall art in highly charged colours.