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60s & 70s Posters

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60s & 70s art – bring a swinging vibe into your home

The 60s and 70s were a special time. As post-war austerity and conservatism faded, new perspectives and social attitudes began to take hold. Young people wanted freedom – the freedom to do what they wanted, the freedom of self-expression. And they got it. Pop music, consumerism and fashion boomed as new styles were embraced. Casting off the shackles of the straight-laced past, 60s art was vibrant and colourful, reflecting an overwhelming urge for positivity in the Cold War years. As the decade turned, 70s art took up the mantle with radical new forms and furniture designs, drawing from the soul and disco movements in a reflection of the new social openness. While so much of what these movements stood for is now old hat, the retro stylings of the era are as exciting as ever.

Splash some colour on your walls with 60s art

The late 50s and early 60s heralded the birth of popular music as we know it today – and with pop music came pop art. New printing techniques and a focus on objects familiar to normal people – rather than the elitist subject matter of traditional art movements – created exciting new compositions whose bold colourings epitomised new social attitudes. Perfect as a bedroom centrepiece or grouped together on your living room wall, you can enjoy this style in 60s prints such as Jasmin’s “Banana” series and the iconic “Pop art duck” collage. Or check out our 60s posters of stars like Elvis Presley - great for the kids’ bedroom door.

Smooth 70s art for your home

Our 70s prints are simply oozing with the stylings of soul and disco, making them the perfect way to top off your retro-themed rooms. Jazz up your hallway with patterned 70s posters like “Panton orange” and “Retro circles”, or go full-on psychedelic with the oranges of our “Soul Mama” and “Cocktail –Manhattan” pieces. This 70s art looks great on white walls, and can really bring a plain living room to life.

60s & 70s art in any format you like

Vibrant 60s art looks great on our 100% cotton canvas – but even better on our Dibond® aluminium board. Lightweight and rigid, it can be hung anywhere in your home - or even outdoors on the patio. Printing on Forex® PVC board is also a great option to really emphasise the colours in retro pieces with a large amount of whitespace.