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Street Art Prints

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Street art – urbanise your home

In the anonymity of the city, it is easy to lose your way. The sprawling concrete can be daunting, repressing all sense of individuality and personality. Street art rails against this trend, setting down a marker for self-expression amid the urban jungle. Originating in the booming metropolises of the twentieth century, simple “tags” and graffiti represented a way for individuals to reassert their existence among the crowd. But in many of the world’s great cultural capitals, street art has now become a defining element of the urban environment in its own right.

At its heart, the objective remains unchanged from when the first artist etched their name on a city wall: to encourage individuality and add a touch of creative colour to the blank facades that surround us. Street artists want nothing more than to have some say in shaping their environment – and now you can do the same in your own home.

Stylise your home with street art

Authentic street art prints and photographs of some of the world’s most iconic murals can act as the perfect counterpoint to your classy interior design, adding a completely new dimension to your living room, hallway – or even your office. These slices of reality can be soothing, contemplative and dynamic, inspiring in so many different ways.

Take a piece of your favourite city with you wherever you go with street art posters of pieces in Berlin, London, Lisbon and many more. Berlin in particular is often seen as the spiritual home of street art, and our prints showcase many of the German capital’s most famous visual statements, including the “How long is now?” mural on the side of former artist squat Tacheles, and the famous Soviet “Bruderkuss” depicted in the East Side Gallery – on the remains of the Berlin Wall itself.

Fans of more lively and light-hearted street art will also find plenty to enjoy in our collection, with colourful murals by Isabelle Sacher-Finet and surrealist musings by artists such as Katie Edwards and Angelo Cerantola.

Build a street art gallery at home

Street art canvas is the perfect way to give your home gallery an open-air feel – 100% cotton, fine-grain and authentic. Alternatively, a poster offers flexibility for the travelling digital native, or can also be framed for a more sophisticated look. If the mural you choose contains a lot of white, Forex PVC foam board is an excellent option, with a semi-gloss finish to give your art that premium look.