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Mannerism for elegant interiors

Every action has an equal, opposite reaction – and the reaction to the harmony and balance of the Renaissance was Mannerism. The Renaissance art style swept through the Western world in the 14th and 15th centuries; drawing to a close in the early 16th century. During the Renaissance, art imitated nature. Mannerist art strove to depict elegance and a sense of awe. Instead of nature, it imitated art itself as a way of showing the world of the imagination.

In Mannerism art, the proportions and perspective are often elongated or twisted. Figures’ positions are unnatural. The artists experimented with decoration and detail to express magnificence, and used vivid colours. Everyone knows Michelangelo – his late works such as the Sistine Chapel frescoes are a fine example of Mannerism. Corregio and Tintoretto were also active during this period, as were El Greco and Arcimboldo.

Elongation, vivid colours are characteristic of Mannerism

Much Mannerism painting has religious or courtly subjects because that’s what rich patrons preferred. Arcimboldo worked in Northern Italy and Vienna. His famous works are flowers, fruit and other objects of daily life arranged to portray people of all walks of life. His allegorical paintings are a fascinating combination of reality and imagination. He painted the 4 elements (“Water” as a composition of sea creatures) and the 4 seasons (“Autumn” as a composition of seasonal fruits and vegetables). His portraits include one of his imperial patron, “Rudolf II of Habsburg”, as a shape-changing god of the seasons.

El Greco painted religious subjects such as “The Marriage of Mary”. The attenuated figures and supernatural colours in his works often mystified his contemporaries, but his Mannerist painting was highly valued by the 20th century Expressionists.

Mannerism on canvas at Posterlounge

Mannerism wall art belongs on canvas whenever possible. The 100% cotton canvas material has a subtle texture for the look of real museum-quality art – your interior will look as elegant as the new art itself! It is also possible to frame your Mannerism print with a floater frame in an accent colour or tone-in-tone.

Posterlounge also offers premium poster paper with a silken sheen. Mannerism posters will have smooth colour transitions and brilliant colours. You can also frame them. If you have chosen a large format for your Mannerism print, look into the acrylic glass and Alu Dibond mounting options. They are lightweight and suitable for prints with intense colours – no frame required.