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Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages Art Prints: Art Posters from Posterlounge.co.uk

As a period of art, the Middle Ages are a very distinct and complex era. Numerous paintings were created by different artists and are still a popular wall decoration, for example as art posters. Generally, one can differentiate between two major ways of looking at the Middle Ages, both of which are predominantly preserved due to myths and misconceptions. For one thing, the Middle Ages are also known as the cruel Dark Ages and often related to conspiracies and the burning of witches. Poverty and unsanitary conditions with the resulting diseases and epidemics such as plagues also shape the image of the Dark Ages. In addition, medieval people are regarded as uneducated and superstitious from a present-day perspective. Death and oppression seem to have been omnipresent, and images of stakes, gallows, pillories and guillotines force themselves on one’s mind. This notion of the Middle Ages is reinforced by numerous images and paintings that depict executions, for example. In contrast, a more positive and glorified image of the Middle Ages was promoted, most notably by the Romantics. This notion is still popular today and is reflected in numerous art posters and prints. Old fairy tales and legends played an important part in the creation of myths and the process of romanticising the Middle Ages. The magic of the gallant steed, the good-natured king, and the enchanted or talking animals make the era appear in a more favourable light. Art prints or posters with motives from the Middle Ages invite to dream of old tales and might encourage the beholder to contemplate the transition of humanity and society.

Experience the Art of the Middle Ages as a Wall Picture

Much like todays view of the Middle Ages, its art was divided into two rather contrary movements. On art posters of such historical works, though, tendencies towards religious, biblical motives are clearly recognisable. On many such wall pictures, the depicted scenes are rather negative. Images of sins and of the agonies and torments of hell were used for religious education: Fear and terror were supposed to motivate people to internalise the Christian worldview. On the other hand, we also find art prints with motives of Heaven and Paradise, of angels and salvation. Likewise, biblical scenes such as battles or epiphanies were often depicted. Next to religious motives, there are also commissioned works of wealthy people. The illustration of manuscripts is another very important branch of medieval art. A poster with historical motives from the Middle Ages is easily identifiable by the simple and flat figures; three-dimensionality and depth are scarce.

Exciting Middle Ages: Historical Art Posters from Times of Crusades and Pilgrimages

Historians usually divide the Middle Ages into three different periods: the Early Middle Ages, the High Middle Ages, and the Late Middle Ages. The temporal differentiations of these periods are not clearly defined, though. Art posters of these old times carry their beholders off into a different era, into a different world. From a historical point of view, the Middle Ages are very exciting: Whether it is England, France or Germany – the history is fascinating. Numerous stories and notable personages are still widely known today. In England, for example, the tale of Robin Hood and Richard the Lionheart were of importance. The French Joan of Arc and the Germans Charlemagne and Johannes Gutenberg likewise influenced the age. Often you can find these and other historical personages on posters and prints. The Middle Ages are also renowned for their pilgrimages and infamous for their crusades. Posterlounge offers a wide variety of art posters and wall pictures with motives from this exciting age.