Naïve art

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Naïve art for sophisticated interiors

It doesn’t have to be sophisticated to be art! Naïve art may feature simple subjects drawn from everyday life, be the product of someone’s imagination, or simply have an unstudied look about it. Simple, imagined, unstudied: naïve art has a foreground and background, but lacks the vanishing points of perspective. Naïve art is fresh and colourful and contains lots of detail that may turn into pattern. Works of art in the style have an immediate appeal because they directly express emotions that everyone shares. They add an authentic touch to even the most sophisticated interiors.

Wanderlust expressed in art form

Henri Rousseau is the most famous painter of naïve art. A Frenchman who stopped working when he was 49 to devote all of his time to art, Rousseau developed his own style of painting. His exotic scenes seem to show a faraway world but actually, he never left Paris. Instead, he used places like the Botanical Gardens as his inspiration for his popular jungle scenes. One of his tricks was to enlarge the size of typical garden plants to create lush environments for exotic animals and birds.

At Posterlounge, we have many of Rousseau’s jungle garden paintings available as prints. “The Dream” is Rousseau at his finest. Dark and still, it shows a reclining nude on a divan. But wait – there are lions in the background and a snake charmer playing the flute. The detail is magnificent; the colours are exotic and radiant. Frances Broomfield is a modern artist who has adopted Rousseau’s naïve art style, expanding it to include other subjects such as children’s poems, the works of other famous artists and, of course, cats. She even painted a homage to Rousseau: “Henri Rousseau’s Dream,” which you can find at Posterlounge.

Naïve art on canvas for an authentic look

Finely textured 100% cotton canvas is the perfect material for showing colourful naïve art prints at their most authentic. You can even add a canvas floater frame to give your favourite print a bit more depth. As a poster on high-quality paper, your picture will be easy to hang and you can add the frame of your choice.

Alu Dibond is also a good material for showcasing the detail and saturated colour characteristic of naïve art. Its thin profile complements the simplicity of the art style. The lightweight alternative to glass, acrylic glass sheets add depth and brilliance to colours. Hang it and enjoy – no frame required for either of these materials.