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African art

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The colours of Africa

African art is striking, bright and, cheerful. It reflects the colours of the continent, and is often inspired by elements found in Africa's unique nature - wildlife, rain forests, savannahs, fascinating deserts and tropical abundance. But, above all, this art style is inspired by people and traditions. Bring some of the amazing spirit of Africa into your home!

African art has many faces

African art has many faces, from traditional African paintings to contemporary pieces. However, almost all African artwork is simply bursting with sizzling colours, which can also be a good source of inspiration for interiors. Give one of our amazing African art prints pride of place in your living room, bedroom or even in your kitchen, and you will see how it dramatically changes the look of the room. Pick one of the colours featured in your favourite African art print and use it as an accent colour on soft furnishings. Add some African vibrancy to your home by combining one our African art prints with matching ethnic-style furniture or ornaments. This art style is also perfect for adding a splash of colour to minimalist, contemporary interiors, as it does not break the look but rather accentuates it.

Wild Africa

Whether you simply love animals or the idea of an Africa-themed room, our African art prints often feature Africa's fascinating wildlife, as many of the artists feel a special bond with these animals or they are traditionally revered. Majestic lions, gentle elephants, cheeky monkeys and colourful birds – Africa's wildlife provides the local artists with a sheer endless number of attractive subjects for their paintings and folk art.

However, African art does not always have to be traditional or produced by African artists. See Africa through the eyes of the contemporary British artist Tilly Willis, a frequent traveller to the continent, or the American artist Patricia Brintle. Her African-style paintings celebrate the people of Africa and their descendants all over the world.

Statement pieces on your wall

Our African art prints always make a statement, regardless of whether you decide to display your favourite piece in the form of a framed poster, a sophisticated canvas print or choose to have it UV printed on a long-lasting DIBOND® aluminium backing plate, on FOREX® rigid foam board or on glossy acrylic glass. Our state-of-the-art printing techniques are perfect for African art prints as none of the vibrancy of the original paintings is lost.