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Tingatinga art

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Tingatinga art for interiors with zing

Tingatinga art is named after Edward Tingatinga, the painter from Tanzania who first created images in this style in the late 1960s. Tingatinga started out painting with bicycle paint on pressure-moulded hardboard. Bicycle paint is an enamel paint that comes in a limited range of bright, highly pigmented colours, so earlier tingatinga art in particular is very colourful and uses patterns to order the space. As a result, the paintings have a flat, naïve look.

Memories of Africa in tingatinga art

The format of the original tingatinga art was perfect for tucking under your arm and carrying onto a plane, and the subject matter of these paintings is what Europeans and North Americans associate most closely with Africa: animals such as elephants, giraffes, zebras and cheetahs. Some of the paintings also feature birds like the ibis and flamingo. And some have a baobab tree or two in the background, but most of the landscapes show a wealth of animals living together in peaceable African kingdom scenes on the searing hot savannah. They all transport feelings of gentle amusement and wonder at the diversity of our world.

The Posterlounge collection of paintings in this African art style feature everything from the traditional spotted patterns of cheetahs and giraffes in red-hot colours to modern interpretations with colourful birds against a bright blue sky, flamingo chorus lines, individual animals against background colour gradations, spiral patterns created from fishes and swirls of colour that are bathers, football players or flowers upon closer examination.

Buy tingatinga art online at Posterlounge

We have a wide selection of bright, colourful animals and African scenes in tingatinga art style. They are perfect for brightening up a breakfast nook or a child’s room. Hang them in your living room as accents of brilliant colour.

Your tingatinga art will look completely authentic on thin, rigid Dibond aluminium composite, or choose lightweight acrylic glass as the material to show their brilliance. You don’t need a frame with either of these options.

Prints on high-quality paper are quite easy to hang and can also be framed for an individual look. The semi-gloss surface of Forex PVC foam board is the best choice for images with lots of white space – not particularly applicable to this art style.