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Dot Painting: Roots in traditional storytelling

Dot painting is another name for Australian Aboriginal art. It started out as a means of telling sacred tribal stories in the sand using circles, lines, spirals and dots and natural materials like ochre and charcoal. In the 1970s, the artist Johnny Warrangula Tjupurrula pioneered the transition from sand drawings to canvas and paint. As their paintings started to reach a wider audience, the Aboriginal dot painting artists started overlaying dots and patterns to conceal the sacred stories contained in the paintings. And of course modern Aboriginal artists are inspired by the landscape around them, which is dotted with stones, clumps of flowers and isolated lines of trees.

The modern look of Dot Painting

The technique used in Aboriginal painting leaves dot marks on the canvas – by means of a brush, dotting stick or other tool charged with paint. Sometimes the dots are enclosed by other dots or are be close enough together that they appear to be lines. In dot art, the separate marks can even visually join together to form flat areas of colour. The paint can be thick and create a lively texture or remain fluid and have the distinctive look of mosaics.

Many artists use the dot painting technique to transport their sense of life to other subjects. Our collection features the work of Dedoma, who is inspired by ceramic tiles and mandalas in addition to the flora and fauna of Australia and Aboriginal art. He works in a traditional desert earth palette but also has images with the bright blues and greens of temperate climates.

Order dot paintings in our online shop

At Posterlounge, you will find fascinating dot paintings with the energy of real Aboriginal art. First pick out a motif, then decide which material and format will complement your decorating scheme.

The deep, vibrant colours of our selection of dot paintings will look completely authentic on Dibond aluminium composite or lightweight acrylic glass. These two options can be mounted as they are – no frame required.

If our dot wall art in black & white matches your interior, choose Forex PVC foam board as your mounting option. The semi-gloss surface will enhance the value contrast in the images. A canvas print will give your dot painting the look of real, museum-quality art and you can order a floater frame to coordinate with your decorating scheme. When printed on high-quality paper, dot art is easy to hang and can also be framed for an individual look.