Figurative painting

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Figurative painting – see the world with fresh eyes

The world is a fascinating place, and one that has inspired artists for centuries. More recent movements may have experimented with new forms and interpretations of life’s wonders, but why reinvent the wheel when the purest beauty already exists right before our eyes?

Figurative painting takes as its inspiration the shapes, objects and figures we see in the real world. These can be people, animals, statues or even landscapes, but they are all bound together by the familiarity of the subject matter. This doesn’t preclude the use of the artist’s imagination – in fact, colour, stylisation and humour are all classic traits of figurative painting – but the scenes depicted by the brush should always be instantly recognisable or familiar to the onlooker.

A figurative painting to fill your home

Figurative art acts as a window to the world, bringing comfort and warmth to your home. Add a landscape of Cornwall, New York or Paris to your hallway for instant relaxation when you step through the door, or adorn your living room wall with a fascinating portrait for those moments of quiet contemplation. Raschel Prucha’s Winter Mädchen, for example, is the perfect detailed study of the human face, wrapped up warm to protect against the elements. Meanwhile, Bryan James’ The Lovers takes a more intimate approach to the human form, making it the perfect backdrop for your master bedroom.

Those who prefer more contemporary figurative art will be delighted with the vibrant colour and simple lines of Renate Berghaus’ Cow series and the fascinating reflected shapes of Gerhard Kraus’ Spiegelungen – the perfect choices to bring life to any home. Or for guaranteed smiles at the dinner table, why not try Pat Scott’s Giraffes in during feeding? No matter what your tastes are, figurative painting will never fail to remind you how beautiful life can be.

Figurative painting in a full range of formats

Colourful figurative paintings are best presented on acrylic glass sheets. Suitable for hanging indoors our outside, this lightweight alternative to glass will bring out the true brilliance of your piece and gives every scene true depth. Another thin-profile, lightweight option for vibrant hues is the aluminium composite Dibond. Or if your figurative painting has more whitespace, why not consider a canvas print or Forex board? This rigid PVC foam material has a semi-gloss finish that will give your art a premium look, and is also suitable for hanging outdoors.