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Art in the ‘lowbrow’ style for urban flair

‘Lowbrow’ means ‘the opposite of intellectual and cultured’. What is lowbrow art? Art with a figurative focus and explores the same types of technical skills graffiti and tattoos require. Although it’s underground art, its pop look and surreal feel are reasons for enjoying it above ground, on your living room walls!

Whether you call it pop surrealism or urban folk art, lowbrow is a vibrant mixture of many influences. Tanya Shatseva uses crystalline colours to create dreamy images charged with subtle eroticism. Valentina Brostean’s delicate works in sombre colours reminiscent of the Baroque period are charged with melancholy, but posters like her high-voltage “Blue Pill Red Pill” take photo-surrealism into the 21st century. The Gothic photomontages of Marcela Bolivar capture the essence of the style: dreamy, erotic and dark.

Franziska Jänisch’s graphical work features a technique with the look of folk art, but her portraits of women and cats radiate a subtle decadence centred in the eyes. With their clear, fresh colours, these works will add edge to your walls. The hipster animals in Ashley Percival’s posters come directly from the street – they style knits and bring their own transportation, whether a skateboard or a bicycle.

Opposites unite to create lowbrow for vibrant walls

Our decorating tip: Celebrate the variety of lowbrow and create a vibrant interior with the salon hanging method. Use the wall colour tool on the Posterlounge individual image page to find the colour that make your lowbrow art prints glow. A darker colour is best – think oxblood red, for example. Paint one wall in this colour and hang your wall art either in rows with large images at the top, working down to smaller ones at the bottom or go for Baroque by establishing a centre axis with one large work and grouping smaller ones around it.

Lowbrow can satisfy your passion for collecting and create a fascinating, vibrant wall for your interior at the same time!

Down with canvas – up with lowbrow

Lowbrow is smooth like concrete and paper. Posterlounge offers the ideal materials for mounting your art: poster paper, acrylic glass, Alu Dibond and Forex foam board all have smooth surfaces.

A poster is the perfect choice if you are looking for an economical, uncomplicated solution. Alu Dibond is a rigid composite material that shows rich, intense colours to their best advantage. Forex has a semi-gloss surface that makes white backgrounds shine and acrylic glass gives colours extra depth and brilliance for an over-the-top effect.