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Surreal painting

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Surrealism: art with imagination

With the energy and flair of the Roaring Twenties came the surrealist movement, with painters unleashing their creativity to produce experimental and, well, surreal works of art! Imaginations ran wild and the dreams of the artists were transformed into some of the art world’s most provocative and unusual masterpieces. Step into a fantasy world where nothing is as it seems and bring a taste of that rebel spirit into your home. With a surreal painting there are no rules…

Surreal painting, vivid colours

Surrealist art is where the dream world and the waking world collide – and they do it in bright technicolour! Vibrant works such as ‘The tuft of the harlequin’ make a real statement with their use of deep colours. The playful use of colour in a surreal painting creates a fun look – the rainbow trees in ‘Colourful Forest’, the candy coloured houses in ‘Hidden Harbour’ and the pinker than pink feathers of the flamingo in ‘Friends’ all inject surprising bursts of colour to capture that wonderful dream-like atmosphere.

Of course, dreams come in all colours, so you can also find a surreal painting with subtler colours that would complement contemporary muted colour schemes. The flying ballerina in ‘Fly’ has a beautiful vintage Parisian style, while the golden light catching the invisible man in ‘Moments’ gives you a classic surrealist subject in surprisingly relaxing colours.  You’ll even find the odd monochrome surreal painting, such as ‘Black dot’, which creates a unique impact with its stark contrasts between the black and the white.

Make your print shine with your choice of materials

When choosing such an eye-catching and unusual piece of art, you want it to look its best, as it will certainly be the centre of attention! If your surreal painting has visible brush strokes or a fine art feel, choosing canvas can be a lovely way of creating an authentic gallery look – especially if you also frame it in a shadow frame. If your artwork has intense colours, they will look their best printed on Alu-Dibond or glossy acrylic glass. If your print’s colour palette is whites and pale colours on the other hand, choose lightweight Forex foam board for the best effect. And if your budget is tight, your surreal painting will still look amazing printed on our high-quality posters!