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Watercolour Posters

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Watercolour painting for expressive walls

Capture the delicate beauty of your favourite flowers; hang a wonderful reminder of the landscape at your last holiday destination on your walls. Watercolour painting makes a lasting impression because its translucent look is very expressive.

Watercolour pictures show a great range of subjects: from portraits of people and animals to homely garden scenes and exciting cityscapes. Traditionally, the technique was used to depict outdoor scenes and subjects. With a minimum of equipment, watercolour artists can create a maximum effect. Unlike oil painting or other techniques, all you need is a brush, a compact set of paints, paper and water to create luminous, glowing pictures.

Add airy lightness with watercolour painting

From the botanical observations of Albrecht Dürer and the powerful sea scenes of J. M. W. Turner to the melancholy, expressive landscapes of Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper, watercolour painting has thrilled artists and lovers from the Renaissance to the present.

At Posterlounge, you can collect the delicate, poetic works of Sylvie Demers, the simple everyday scenes that Jitka Krause enjoying recording in her art or the fantasy animals and landscapes of Matt Miller. Our collection of watercolour paintings includes animals, flowers, landscapes  still life and more. And the collection features art styles ranging from fashion illustration and Japanese woodcut to precise botanical illustration and wild abstract watercolours.

Watercolour paintings to order online

We have a wide selection of luminous works of art using the watercolour technique in a full range of historical and artistic styles. Watercolours flowers, for example, are perfect for adding a light, feminine touch to any room. Select the watercolour wall art that matches your interior decoration and then consider the shape and material you require.

The combination of watercolour art and high-quality Forex PVC foam board is a real winner. Your favourite watercolour painting will look like a fine masterpiece on its silky surface and it is the best choice for images with plenty of white space in the background. Our high-quality poster material is also a good choice for watercolour painting, especially because you can frame your watercolour wall art to add a personal touch.

Dibond aluminium composite and lightweight acrylic glass are two other choices of materials for your pictures. You don’t need a frame with either of these options.