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Double Exposure

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Double exposure – where photography meets fantasy

Mention the word “photography” to most people, and they are likely to think of images that perfectly reflect aspects of the real world. They may be beautiful, artistic and stunningly composed, but photographs are generally limited by the constraints of reality.

Double exposure photography breaks down that border, overlaying two or more photographs to create images we would otherwise only dream of. A woman engulfed by the forest, a man strolling casually up the side of a building, a bear through which we can see into the heart of the wilderness it calls home. Through the use of both analogue techniques and digital blending processes, double exposure photographers have created a world in which the only limit is their imaginations.

Dream up new interiors with double exposure photographs

Our double exposure prints can add a touch of the otherworldly to your home – perfect for those seeking an escape from the dull confines of reality. Drift off to sleep under the peaceful natural fantasies of Andreas Lie; the silence of the forest and the gentle beauty of the aurora borealis reflected in the comforting forms of the majestic wolf or arctic deer. Or keep yourself inspired at work by putting surrealist masterpieces such as Evgenij Soloviev’s “Last Symphony” and “Breaker Daydreams” in your office – daily reminders that true creativity knows no bounds.

Fans of pop culture will also find a few gems in our collection, with a stunning Jimi Hendrix double exposure and “The Owls Are Not What They Seem”, a haunting tribute to David Lynch’s cult television series “Twin Peaks”. Instantly recognisable yet completely unique, these double exposure images are the perfect centrepieces for a creative living room wall. Or if you’d prefer something more light-hearted, try Peg Essert’s colourful amalgamation portraits. Combining human subjects with the vibrant shapes and forms of natural flora and fauna, these cheeky masterpieces are always sure to bring a smile to your face.

Double exposure prints in the perfect format for your home

Our double exposure photographs are available in a variety of formats, from classic, high-quality posters to the warmer, more natural canvas print. Fine-grain and 100% cotton, this option is sure to bring an authentic gallery vibe to your home. But our favourite format for these pieces is a Dibond aluminium backing – lightweight and rigid, this material really brings out the intensive colours and high contrasts that will make your favourite prints come to life.