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Fisheye lenses –  say goodbye to straight lines

Photography as art has always strived to present the world differently to how we normally see it. Through cunning use of lighting, perspective and composition, the skilled photographer can highlight aspects of reality that would otherwise go unnoticed. One of the more unusual tools used for this purpose is the fisheye lens.

Originally developed in the 1920s for meteorological photography, the ultra-wide angle of the fisheye lens made it perfect for studying cloud formations. It eventually went into mass production in the 1960s, and soon all kinds of amateur and professional photographers were examining the possibilities of a world without straight lines.

Due to its convex curvature, this ingenious lens distorts and bends the image we see, much as the structure of a fish’s eye allows it a better perspective underwater. This can be used to increase the dynamism of a photograph, lend it a more dramatic perspective or, when taken to extremes, to create a new world altogether.

Fisheye photography gives your living room a new perspective

We have a varied collection of fisheye pictures, each guaranteed to transform the perspective of your home. Increase the sense of space in your living room with a sweeping panorama of Paris or the expanse of Bolivia’s salt desert, or set up an observation dome in your bedroom with our stunning fisheye view of Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana. Fisheye art also offers a unique way of studying both interior and exterior architecture, and our shots of old Budapest shopping arcades, turn-of-the-century Berlin bathhouses and “The domes and minarets of the Hagia Sophia” will never cease to fascinate. Hang these gems in your study so you can pore over them whenever your imagination needs a boost.

Fisheye lenses can also produce some truly otherworldly images, and the “Little Planet” series by artists such as Hady Khandani and from the Pixelliebe website make great humorous focal points for the dining room or hallway. Their bright colours and imaginative composition also makes them popular among children, and the perfect choice for your kids’ bedroom.

A variety of fisheye formats

Fisheye art is fun for all the family, and kids will love these bright and dynamic pictures as high-quality posters for their rooms. For the grown-ups in the living room, a large canvas print is the best way to present your favourite photograph for that genuine gallery feel. Alternatively, you might prefer our lightweight aluminium Dibond option – thin and easy to mount, yet great at rendering intense colours.