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HDR imaging – restoring the true colours of nature

Photography is a truly wonderful medium, yet sometimes even the most skilled artist can struggle to faithfully reproduce the splendour of the moment. In order to allow us to see better, our eyes and brain continuously adapt to the conditions of the light around us, adjusting to its “dynamic range” – the difference between the darkest and lightest sections of the scene before our eyes. This process cannot be replicated using traditional camera technology, which is why photographs sometimes seem less spectacular than our memories of the picture in our heads.

HDR photography is the solution to this problem. The term “HDR” stands for “high dynamic range”, and is an effect that increases the dynamic range of luminosity in a photograph in order to recreate the true glory of the scene.

Vibrant HDR scenes for your home

HDR imaging can be used on almost any type of photograph, but the most spectacular results can be achieved when capturing landscapes in stunning lighting conditions. For the perfect centrepiece to brighten up your living room, take a look at our cityscapes of Berlin, Hamburg, Freiburg and many more. We also have a number of HDR pieces where the star of the show is the light itself – what could be more relaxing to come home to than a glorious sunrise over a deserted beach?

HDR prints also bring out the vibrant colours in more intimate everyday scenes and the unique shading of some of our best architectural studies. Brighten up your kitchen or dining room with the multi-coloured spice bowls on offer at the Marrakech bazaar, or spend your evenings poring over the contours and edges of some of the world’s most fascinating abandoned buildings.

The wonders of the natural world also look great with HDR imaging – get up close and personal with Highland cattle, or watch with glee as a baby chimpanzee teases her mother.

The perfect HDR format for you

With their rich, deep colours, HDR pictures are the perfect candidates for printing on acrylic glass sheets. These are a lightweight alternative to glass, and bring out intense natural hues in all their glory. Our posters on high-quality photo paper also offer an excellent flexible alternative, and can be framed for that added touch of class. Or if you’re planning on hanging your HDR images outside, take a look at our lightweight aluminium Dibond composite – weather-proof and great for dynamic contrasts.