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High speed photography

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High-speed photography: art created in the blink of an eye

Freeze time with one of our captivating high-speed photography prints. These unique shots capture the action right down to the split second – some photographers manage to shoot fleeting moments as small as a millionth of a second! Even a single raindrop can take on a serious sense of drama when captured mid-drip.

A stunning mixture of technical precision and artistic beauty, high-speed photography creates a relaxing sensation of time standing still. These photographs are perfect for hanging in a room where you want to unwind. Perhaps you’d like to create a home spa in your bathroom? Or indulge yourself with a serene space where you can practise your yoga or listen to music? You’ll find some beautiful inspiration in our collection of print.

Make a splash

Water is the inspiration for many high-speed photography prints. Slow it down and its fluidity takes on gorgeous shapes we all too often miss in our day-to-day life. A slice of lemon added to a cool drink takes on a bubbling beauty in ‘Lemon splash’, while the ripples created by tiny raindrops become an eye-catching artwork in ‘Water drop impact’.

If you are looking for a piece with some colour, the lively paint splashes in ‘Dancing paint’ or the brightly coloured blooms in ‘Watering flowers’ create some great visual impact.

Or how about embracing the beauty of nature’s small details with ‘Shaking polar bear’ or ‘Water drops with reflection of a daisy’. For a more urban feel, the lights reflecting off the canal in ‘Light trails of a canal boat’ bring an edgier atmosphere. This is high-speed photography at its best.

Choose the best material for your shot

The material you choose for your print can make all the difference to the overall finish of your artwork. Many high-speed photography prints feature water, which is complemented beautifully by glossy acrylic glass for a contemporary effect. Its waterproof nature also makes it the perfect choice for hanging in a bathroom.

Photos with intense colours are well-suited to slender Alu-Dibond, while delicate shots with a high content of white look fantastic when printed on lightweight Forex foam board. And of course, if your budget is tight, you can’t go wrong with high-quality photo paper to really enhance the crisp lines of your high-speed photography – at an affordable price!