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Infrared photography

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Unique and unusual: infrared photography

If you are looking for something a little bit different for your walls, then infrared photography prints could be for you. This interesting technique uses camera lenses that pick up infrared light, rather than the usual wavelength of light that is visible to our human eyes. Infrared photography gives us a fascinating insight into an unseen world, showing the heat that is given out by an object instead of the light that is reflected by it.

Whether you’re interested in the science of it or not, there’s no denying that infrared photography creates some breath-taking prints unlike anything you may have seen before. Buildings may appear in bright whites, while living things like trees may show themselves in warmer colours – just take a look at our beautiful selection of infrared photography prints to see for yourself.

A different way of viewing the world

Choosing an artwork shot in infrared is a great way of creating an attractive and thought-provoking focal point for a room. Hang an XXL infrared photography cityscape in your living room, choose a seascape for a bathroom, or complement a contemporary fresh white colour scheme with a crisp white infrared piece of art.

We love the ‘Another Look’ range, which captures well known landmarks and shows them to you from a completely new perspective. ‘Anther Look – Paris Eiffel Tower’ and ‘Another Look – Louvre snow woman’ are two of the most striking – and are sure to get your guests talking!

Infrared photography of animals is another captivating choice that can work well in any room. ‘Dark-maned male lion’ creates a real sense of power that could work well in a home office, as would ‘Sea eagle portrait in infrared’.

Which material works best with infrared photography?

Many infrared photography prints have a high content of white in the shot, which can work wonderfully well with lightweight Forex foam board. Not only can you safely hang this material on any wall, it also enhances the delicate details of your pale print.

If your infrared print has strong contrast between light and dark, you could opt for another modern material – Alu-Dibond. This slender aluminium gives a powerful, colour-intensive finish. The contemporary feel of photographic prints is given an extra sense of shine when printed onto glossy acrylic glass. Our high-quality photo paper also gives a gorgeous sheen at an affordable price.