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Nothing is more exciting than to look at the things that surround us on a poster. Whether nature or technology - in detail, completely new perspectives emerge among many things of everyday life. Each of the world`s close up can be enchanted with a picture of macro photography. Macro photography is a popular topic of photography, where objects can be mapped to a scale of 1:1. Because you normally work with scales of 1:7, the magnification of objects is particularly spectacular and fascinating with the help of macro photography. With special lenses and lens systems, not only professionals can give a special charm to everyday things or open up new worlds of perception. Posterlounge presents the most beautiful pictures with attention to detail. Flowers, water drops, the human eye or musical instruments - macro photography is always amazing and impressive. Now, the technology in digital photography has progressed as far as that artists do not necessarily require a lens for your photo poster. This has the advantage that macro photography is possible even especially with small, more manageable cameras. So, better and fancier macro images of our environment emerged with the development of technology.

Detailed and exciting pages of nature as a photo poster

Especially the nature, in particular the plants, is a special motif for photographers. Repeatedly you can discover an insect on images of flowers. Also in your own four walls the poster of bees affects a flower just ravishing. You also can take photos of the beauty of butterflies and their delicate wings especially well in the appearances of macro photography of nature. A photo poster of this delicate insect under the magnifying glass taken acts spectacularly and simply overwhelming. But on an image with macro photographs you can discover more - for example, the pollen of a flower. It remains common in insects such as bees and flies hanging and given them often yellowish legs or sensor. On the close-up of flowers, you can study these and many other things most accurate. How many petals has, for example, a daisy? How is the inside of a Tulip as a close up? And do the petals of flowers have also fine veins such as the leaves of trees? Posterlounge presents a colorful variety of macro images from nature that can answer the curious questions as a poster in large and small.

Close Up - poster from the world of technology

Always, the macro photography evolved with the technology. With their help, we can not take the nature closely scrutinized only, but also the technology itself. Science affects macro images and photo posters of fine transmissions and the complicated mechanics of machines even more amazing. A poster with the macro recording of technical objects gives the viewer an insight into details and brings all the complexity only to the fore. Macro photography is not only important for beautiful images and aesthetic aspects. It plays also a parent role in science and research. Smallest particles can be studied with a microscope. It is interesting to look at things from everyday life through this optical device and carefully to examine, for example, spring. Now the technology is already as far as advanced that even photographs in microscopic resolution are possible. With a picture of posterlounge, everyone can get exciting macro photography in their own home.