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Macro photography

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Macro photography – take a closer look at the world

The world we live in is a beautiful and fascinating place, filled with intricate and ingenious wonders. Often we stop and marvel at its spectacular scenery – rolling hills, dappled sunlight, crystal-clear waters. But we tend to overlook the smaller miracles, the building blocks that make up the bigger picture.

Macro photography seeks to redress this trend. Thanks to the pin-point clarity and accuracy of modern digital cameras, we can now get up close and personal with nature at the macro level. Examine the delicate structures that make up the spiky thistle, or wonder at the way the dewdrops on a leaf refract the sunlight. At the same time otherworldly and yet palpably real, these images are the perfect complement to any home.

Modify your home with macro photography

Our range of macro photography has something to offer everyone. Close-up studies of flowers such as dandelions, hyacinths and hibiscuses will be an endless source of fascination to botanists and architecture lovers alike, and look breathtaking when presented in series in the dining room. Or for a more enchanting and otherworldly atmosphere, centre your bedroom around the mushrooms and moss of “Fairy Tale Mood” by Stefan Betz. “Federleicht” is another great choice to help you float away to sleep, while non-botanical macro photography prints such as Claus Schwartze’s “Reflection 2” capture perfectly peaceful moments to bring calm to your living room.

Or if you’re more interested in bees than blooms, why not take a look at our collection of macro photography featuring insects? With masterpieces such as Ahmad Baihaki’s “Way to the Sky”, you’ll never have felt closer to the common ant – one of the most wondrous workers of the natural world. Beautiful butterflies and lively ladybirds are also common models in macro photography, while kids will love our images of larger creatures, like the cheeky tree frog in Curiosity by Ferdinando Valverde.

Macro photography formats for maximum effect

The intricate detail of macro photography is best captured on our classic posters. Printed on high-quality photo paper, these can also be framed for a more traditional gallery look. For a more up-market vibe, you may also want to try acrylic glass or our aluminium Dibond composite – lightweight materials that offer excellent colour depth and superb definition.