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Pictures of city views always are an exciting eye-catcher. These are especially impressive when they are taken at night. In darkness, the cities light up in a whole different, special way and impress their residents as well as visitors. You see them then, literally, in a different light. In the evening, when the artificial lighting is turned on, an exceptional gloss over the houses and buildings, which appear majestically, thus lays down. The photo poster of a cityscape at night is a unique eye-catcher, which ties looks and decoratively enriches the domestic walls as well as the premises. Shooting such an image is associated with some difficulty and need the exercise, as well as the skill of the photographer. To create a realistic and pure play, the subject must be exposed long, typically several seconds. In spite of this, noise and image blurring may occur in the finished recording. After some trial and error they succeed and are getting better and present themselves as the posters and presentations at posterlounge. This will show the most beautiful cityscapes at night, where exciting cities like London, New York, Berlin or Shanghai can be admired. The photographs are spectacular eye-catchers for the living areas at home, which receive their own individual character and a great ambience, in which we more than like to stay.

It was dark... Images of cityscapes at night

Special designs for photo posters are produced during the so-called Blue hour. This is the time of day when the sun has just gone down, the remaining natural light and the streetlights turned on and enter an exceptional symbiosis. The sky is reflected in beautiful shades of blue, which the entire city view receives as a stunning mood. To capture these moments figuratively belongs to the high art of photography. By the long exposure, car lights appear on the finished images in long white or red stripe, which give the subject at the same time tension and vitality. This is a decorative wall ornament like magnificently lit buildings. So, the Semper Opera House in Dresden, which seems to tower over the river Elbe sparkles on posters. Equally fascinating are the small and illuminated bridges that will succumb to sublime through the canals in Amsterdam. Such views have a magical effect, which draws its viewers in spell and gives living room and co. the icing on the cake.

Exciting effects - fascinating photo poster

Views of the city are a great eye-catcher at night on posters. They are also remarkable, if the artist creates a captivating effect. Also black and white photography is able to capture night views and to present them in her perfect beauty. The lights shine as well as on a coloured image, however, and have their very own charm. On other motifs in turn, certain colours were strengthened and highlighted so that the photo seems very much alive and makes the beholder participate to the vibrant bustle of the city. Poster Lounge offers a wide variety of the most beautiful and impressive city views, which develop their full splendour at night. Majestically the metropolises shine on photo posters, which give a hint of glory to the own four walls and kidnap the viewer in the world's cities. Gripping images embellish the home in a wonderful way, kidnap to foreign places and make the magic visible on beautiful manner!