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Go wide with panoramic photography

Some scenes are just too epic to fit into a standard-sized photograph. Luckily, technology has evolved to the point where photographers can now capture vast panoramic pictures. Using special wide-angle lenses, the traditional photography limits have been lifted – allowing you to choose from a stunning selection of panoramic prints.

The wide perspective of panoramic photography creates a feeling of gazing upon a horizon, bringing an illusion of wide, open space into your home. There’s nothing in the world quite so exhilarating as soaking up a beautiful view, so who wouldn’t want to bring that feeling into their home with a panoramic canvas? Now the world’s largest sights can fit into any room you choose.

From cityscapes to galaxies

When it comes to choosing panoramic photography prints for your walls, you might find yourself spoilt for choice! From glittering city skylines and ocean sunsets, to dramatic mountain ranges and even the stars above us – panoramic photography can capture it all. It doesn’t get bigger than the Milky Way, so why not opt for a print like ‘Milky Way Panorama’ to bring the beauty of the night sky to your interior design. It could be a romantic stargazing addition to an adult bedroom or an inspiring print for young astronomers.

Or perhaps you fancy panoramic photography shots of some of the world’s most iconic cities? The bright lights of the Big Apple in ‘New York City Night Skyline’ is a stylish choice that would look great in a cosmopolitan living room. If you prefer your panoramic photography more natural, take a look at our beautiful landscape shots. The ‘Moeraki boulders, New Zealand’ would look fantastic in a relaxing bathroom, while ‘Lavender field in Provence’ adds a vibrant splash of colour.

Pair your prints with a complementary material

Panoramic photography works well with a range of different materials. Stretched cotton canvas is a versatile choice. Hang it in a floating frame for an elegant gallery finish, or place it directly onto your wall for a more modern feel.

Glossy urban cityscapes are given a sleek, strong finish when printed onto contemporary materials, such as acrylic glass or Alu-Dibond. For a more rustic finish, nature shots are given a unique look when printed onto wood. The texture of the wood really complements images of forests, mountains and beaches.