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Photo coloration

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Photo colouration in pictures: Photo poster from Posterlounge.co.uk

Partially colorize, partially discolor and tone: the photo colorization offers wonderful effects, and gives a very special liveliness to unique motifs on images. Compared to “normally” colored pictures, classic photos have an effect of being just stylish in the shades of black and white, they are simply timeless. A photograph, which is colored in one color, perfectly fits in an apartment decorated according to colour. The photo colorization is one of the most popular techniques of the photographers. By using the different photo editing programs, the artists can miss unexpected and spectacular effects during the reworks of their motives. Posterlounge presents exciting and impressive photo posters, whose magical photo-coloration enchants every viewer with ease. They prove once again that the image editing possibilities are virtually unlimited. Whether old-school or classic: Photo coloration can cause a variety of effects. The skyline of New York City was photographed already umpteen times. If an artist edits his work and tones it , for example, unforeseen effects may occur. A monochrome image distracts from the absence of colour from important details. The photographer will find it much easier to draw the attention of the Viewer. Mainly through the game of light and shadow and a high contrast, the metropolis has a very mysterious and exciting. On the wall above the sofa the skyline invites to dream and relax - just gorgeous!

Individual details – experience selective colorization on posters newly!

Who doesn`t want a complete coloration and looks after a rather very selective color accent in photography, will find that in selective coloration. Only some few details are colored here, even only be inked or edited. Whether from black and white to color and vice versa – find your favourite posterlounge motif as high-quality posters. The images of New York taxis in the city are famous and very popular. Through the selective photo colorization it is possible for the artists to create yellow cabs in the foreground and to focus all attention on them. The same effect is achieved when you color only a flower in a flower meadow and leave the rest in monochrome. With such a photo poster, everyone can express the language of flowers that bloom and convey a message in style. As a gift, you can hit the black with a brilliant image in selective colouring!

Monochrome and yet diverse: Photo posters in black and white

To colorize an image completely or to be transformed into an exciting black and white poster unexpected effects can be caused. With sepia tones, you can express a particularly noblety on each motif. So, every photo poster exudes lots of glamour. Like photographers and artists tone your images in the editing phase in various colors. In the shades of Blue a colorful landscape is cool and refreshing. Red, however, conjures up heat. If coloring the favorite motif in greet it spreads serenity and relaxation as a poster. But monochrome coloration or even black and white pictures are the most popular ones. An image without any color is timeless and complements any interior. Even nudes in black and white work aesthetically and tastefully. Black and white recordings can be to the one by editing the photographs on the computer, on the other hand they can also arise from using a black and white film. Posterlounge presents terrific photo coloration in a variety of shades - a feast for the eyes on every wall!