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Selective Coloration

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Selective Coloration Images: Photo Poster from Posterlounge.co.uk

Selective coloration is a technique of digital image processing and describes a process in which the artist colors specific areas of an image with the help of an image-editing program. There are different programs and techniques the artists can use. However, these colorations are usually only effective if done carefully and properly. Otherwise the great effects of a photographic poster with selective coloration can be lost. Not every image is suited for this kind of editing. A good choice would be a photo with a certain dramaturgy and/or elements one would like to highlight. Through selective coloring the artist can direct the attention of the viewer to certain details. In this way, one could – for example – highlight the colorfulness of flowers or give a black cat a colored fur. Photographic posters with coloration often show motives that cannot be found like this in reality. In the form of photographic canvases, motives edited with this technique serve as unique eye catchers.

Selective Coloration in Black and White Photography

Selective coloration can be found very often in black and white photographs. When an artist colors one or more details in a photo, he creates great tension in that image. The viewer’s attention is drawn immediately to the highlighted detail due to the striking contrast. Selective coloration can achieve a special effect when employed on nature photographs. One can draw attention to the colorful flowers of a bridal bouquet when the rest of the bridal couple is kept in black and white. Likewise, colorful butterflies frequently accentuate landscape shots. Artists can amplify this effect by replacing the coloration of the surroundings with gray shades. Lovers of nature can express their fondness for animals and plants in a special way with a photo canvas, but famous classic paintings can gain an air of modern elegance through digital editing as well. The contrast between gray and color on photo canvas makes for a striking eye catcher in one’s own home.

Colorful Accents in Gray City Photos

Artists like to apply selective coloration on photographs of big cities. Cosmopolitan cities such as New York, Paris or London have much to offer for their visitors, but also for their inhabitants. With the help of selective coloration, motives and details that are of special importance to the artist can be highlighted. Selective colorations in the form of photo canvases or photo prints add an artful cosmopolitan atmosphere to your living space. A well-known example are the taxis of New York. The yellow cabs, as they are affectionately called by the New Yorkers, are hardly remarkable in the daily hustle and bustle of the city. Nevertheless they are an important part of the city scene. However, if the surroundings on a picture of New York are colored black and white, the yellow cars stand out. In this way, the artist manages to direct the attention to one of the most important means of transport in New York, and to create a contrast to the rest of the photo poster.