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Sepia photography: bringing yesteryear to the modern home

It’s a style we’re all familiar with: the brown and yellow hues of photographs taken around the time of the industrial revolution. Scenes of burgeoning cities, working class lives and the optimism of a fast-developing society. These images never fail to arouse in us a sense of nostalgic warmth and fondness for days gone by.

Originating as a way of adding warmth to the harsh contrasts of black-and-white photography, the toning of sepia photography is traditionally a three-stage process. First, the photograph is bleached, then it must be washed before finally being immersed in a bath of toner to give it the familiar brown colouring. But advances in digital processing have made toning a much simpler procedure, resulting in a renaissance for sepia photography in recent years. Now, the technique can be applied by almost any digital photographer, lending a sense familiarity and timelessness to their work.

Sepia photography gives your walls a nostalgic vibe

Here at Posterlounge, our sepia art prints have been carefully selected for their ability to add an old-world feel to any modern home. Many, such as our images of Hamburg’s old Speicherstadt dock area and Ronny Behnert’s view of Berlin from the famous Drachenberg, focus on urban architecture in a way that echoes the original sepia photography of the turn of the century. These cityscapes are the perfect sprawling focal points for your living room, offering a sense of space without ever forsaking the importance of warmth and homeliness.

Other examples of our sepia photography collection offer a more intimate reflection of everyday life, giving objects such as old bicycles and rowboats a vintage feel that encourages us to view them with a deeper reverence. Those with a weakness for the technology of yesteryear will also enjoy our sepia pictures of old guitars and motorcycles – the ideal seal of identity to hang in your bedroom.

But it’s not all bricks and bolts – some of our best sepia prints offer close-ups of mother nature at her finest. Macro images of delicate flowers encourage us to examine them in greater detail, while sepia photography of big cats gives these predators the regal air they deserve.

The perfect format for sepia photography in your home

Our sepia photographs are available in a variety of formats, from high-quality posters to Forex PVC board. But our personal favourite is our 100% cotton, fine-grain canvas: its warmth and texture are the perfect complements to your vintage photography of yesteryear.