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Reflection art – nature’s mirror

Is there any natural phenomenon more beautiful that a reflection? In photography, reflection art has become a discipline unto itself, as artists use natural surfaces to double the effect of scenes that are already stunning in their own right. Light plays such an important role in a photographer’s work, so it is only natural for photographers to experiment with ways of enhancing its effects. And on a smaller scale, it can also give simple moments an ethereal, haunting or even humorous quality. Check out our reflection art collection for some of the best examples of what nature’s mirror can do.

Double the beauty of your interior with reflection art

Looking for a stunning scene to tie your living room together? Here at Posterlounge, we have some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes, their beauty doubled by the use of reflection art. Check out Canada’s “Moraine Lake with Fresh Snow”, a window into a magical winter wonderland captured enchantingly by Jan Zwilling. Or see Mount Fuji reflected clear as glass in the water below, the perfect backdrop to the beautiful Japanese cherry blossom in the foreground of Prasit Chansareekorn’s shot. If you’re looking for a warm, relaxing environment to come home to, you might want to take in the gentle yellows and oranges of “Autumn light” or “Landscape with tree and morning mist”, the perfect tonics after a stressful day.

We have plenty for city-lovers, too: what better way to appreciate the wonders of human ingenuity and design than to see the lights of the world’s greatest cities reflected in the ancient waters on which they were built? We have a huge variety of reflection art cityscapes to choose from, including New York, Venice, Kuala Lumpur and Düsseldorf. Intricate, atmospheric and colourful, these are perfect for brightening up your hallway or study.

There is also plenty to choose from if you want something more low-key for your bedroom: ingeniously composed nature snapshots such as “Burchell’s Zebra Drinking at Waterhole” or the simple Daisy are the perfect meditative focal points to help you drift off at night.

Reflection art in a variety of striking formats

In order to truly bring out the clarity of your favourite reflections, we recommend printing your picture of choice on acrylic glass. This is a lightweight alternative to glass that offers stunning depth and superb definition. Our lightweight aluminium Dibond composite is also a great choice for vibrant colours.