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X-Ray art

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X-ray art – more than merely functional

It may seem unlikely, but X-rays can be more than just a tool for security or medical use. In fact, X-ray art has been around almost as long as the technology itself. Naturally curious, scientists using the new machines would often explore their effects on botanical specimens, and by the 1930s these works were being presented in exhibitions and covered in specialist photography magazines.

Interest in X-ray art has been sporadic since that initial boom, but recent years have seen it return to greater prominence thanks to the possibilities offered by modern digital post-processing. Photographers can now use their computers to manipulate, overlay and colour X-ray images to create fantastical and humorous works of art, or even to simulate an X-ray from scratch. This has brought renewed attention to the medium’s potential to reveal the unseen. X-rays of flowers, animals and everyday objects draw our attention to new lines and structures, offering us a different perspective on the familiar.

X-ray art gives your home a unique twist

X-ray photography offers a window through which to contemplate the fascinating inner workings of our world. Peaceful and thought-provoking, popular X-rays of flowers such as "Ghostly Lily III" and "Botanical Calla" provide an ideal backdrop for your living room wall. A series of X-ray art is also the perfect mood-setter for your hallway – simply choose your collection from our variety of common hand gestures or skeletal images. Nature lovers will also be enchanted by our beautiful coloured scientific prints of some of the world’s most fascinating creatures: purple turtles, red-and-green seahorses and neon-blue lobsters are just some of the dreamlike creations we have to offer.

And for the bedroom at night, what better than an X-ray of the starry sky itself? Our collection includes several breathtaking astronomical images from NASA’s own archives, such as a galaxy cluster collision, the comet Lulin and a stunning composite of a spiral galaxy. Or for the more down-to-earth art lover, we also have X-ray images of computer components, camera lenses and a classic evening’s relaxation: a glass of whisky and a cigar.

The best X-ray art formats for you

Our X-ray art is available in a variety of formats. Of course, the jet black backgrounds render beautifully on the high-quality photo paper we use for our classic posters, but our personal recommendation is to ask for your image on lightweight aluminium Dibond. This material works superbly with high contrasts and will really bring out the intensity of your coloured X-ray art.