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Infinite patience

Pointillism is a style of painting where the image actually consists of many thousands of tiny dots, or "points", that create a picture when viewed from further away, not unlike the pixels that make up what we see on a TV or a computer screen or the many thousands of petit point stitches that create a tapestry. It was first developed by the French impressionist artist and colour theorist Georges Seurat. His most famous work, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, is a prime example of pointillism and also illustrates just how laborious this technique is – apparently, it took him two years to complete.

Pointillism pictures: Revolutionary yet also traditional

The images created in this way have a quality that makes pointillism works of art completely different from "ordinary" paintings, in particular in terms of the colours, as dots in different shades positioned next to each other can produce very natural looking shades due to the way the human eye perceives them. Other impressionist artists such as Camille Pissarro or Theo van Rysselberghe soon also employed pointillism to achieve the effect they were aiming for.

These pictures are extremely decorative, which makes them easy to display anywhere in the home. The subtle shades of this visually interesting technique look sophisticated; they can also be a perfect source of inspiration for a room colour scheme, simply select matching soft furnishings or furniture that reflects the respective era. These paintings are also often landscapes or stunning portraits that look wonderful in a period setting, although a pointillism poster or print can also soften a contemporary or minimalist interior or add a charming touch to a distinctly modern room.

Choice of finishes for pointillism prints

  • Ready to frame poster: UV-resistant ink on high-grade coated white paper, easy to hang.
  • Canvas: The 310 g/m² artist's canvas/cotton fabric we use adds a particularly authentic character to pointillism works of art.
  • Dibond: Choosing a durable aluminium backing plate as the backing material for your pointillism print results in a slim line, contemporary look.
  • Forex: Rigid foam board, which is lightweight and suitable for outdoor use; for example on a balcony or in a summerhouse.
  • Acrylic glass: Adds a glossy depth to the print and looks extremely sophisticated, perfect for public spaces.