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Impressionism - with an extra helping of colour

Post-Impressionism is known for continuing the popular style of 19th-century Impressionist painters – with some extra oomph! Veering away from the accuracy of colour that the Impressionists were so keen on, this new movement was bolder and had an exhilarating sense of freedom.

Brush strokes became thicker and more sweeping and the colours grew more intense, letting the artists bring their own imagination and creativity into play. You’ll find some well-known masterpieces from art world greats, such as van Gogh and Cezanne, in our Post-Impressionism collection as well as some artworks you might not have seen before…

Beautiful Post-Impressionism landscapes

This wonderful era of art saw many stunning landscapes captured and enhanced. Stroll through the sunny fields of Provence, sit back and watch the sailboats on the waves at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, or bask in the dappled sunlight in a tranquil forest – let Post-Impressionism prints transport you into the beauty of nature. Immerse yourself in the heady world where things look at the same time familiar and a more vibrant version of themselves.

The vivid blue skies in Van Gogh’s ‘Amandelbloesem’ create the feel of the brightest spring day, while the heavy clouds in his ‘Wheatfields under Thunderclouds’ have a dramatic and ominous feel. You’ll also find some beautiful urban artworks, taking you to the streets of Paris, the windmills of Montmartre, and the canals of Bruges. Maritime landscapes look fantastic in bathrooms, night-time scenes add some romance to bedrooms, and relaxing pastoral countryside pictures work really well in kitchens and living rooms – but the best thing is to choose a landscape that you love!

Choose a material to suit your print

Picking the perfect material for your Post-Impressionism picture can really help it to shine. As many of these paintings are masterpieces, printing on canvas is a popular choice, as it gives your picture a lovely authentic quality. Take it a step further and opt to have it framed in a floating frame and your print will look like it’s straight from the walls of a gallery. If you prefer to give your print a modern twist, the vibrant colours of Post-Impressionism are enhanced beautifully when printed on slender Alu-Dibond. And if you want to grab your masterpiece for a bargain price? High-quality photo paper gives you a great finish for an affordable price.