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Art Prints of Orientalism: Art Posters from Posterlounge.co.uk

Orientalism is an art style that flourished predominantly in the 18th and 19th centuries. The paintings presented themes from the Orient, for examples scenes from a Turkish bath or a harem. Art posters with such motives have a very special charm and radiate a touch of exoticism. A flamboyant orientalism picture lends a certain something to every wall or room. On top of that, masterful brushworks make it a visual highlight. At least since colonialism the Orient was considered a place of hidden desires and wishes. They were expressed on these paintings and enchanted the beholders. With a premium art print, everyone can feel the magic of the Orient at home and be mesmerised by its aura. It is almost as though you could feel the hot and dry desert air and smell the diverse scents of a Turkish bazaar. Posterlounge offers a multitude of posters with impressive and exceptional motives of orientalism. Here you can browse images to your heart’s content to discover the extraordinary world of the Orient.

Experience Orientalism on Art Posters!

Napoleon’s campaigns in Egypt were one of the main reasons for the growing significance of Orientalism as an art style. He was accompanied by artists who initially intended to capture the war scenes. Instead they discovered the beauty of the Orient and wanted to share it with the Europeans at home. Thus they began to paint pictures of the exoticism they experienced. The scenes were always sensual and graceful, yet they also expressed a certain decadency. In this context, the issue of harems was addressed frequently. During the 19th century, the paintings boosted the interest in this foreign world and travel to the Far East increased. The fascination of hamams and impressive palaces is wonderfully captured on art prints. The interplay of high-quality canvas, intense colours and aesthetic motives makes them eye-catchers par excellence. Art posters show the vivid colours, which the artists of orientalism knew so well to capture. An orientalism picture enchants your room in a very special way. It will take you to the remarkable and beautiful places of the Orient and allow you to have a close look at these fascinating cultures.

Discover Extraordinary Worlds – With Orientalism Art Prints!

The art style of orientalism that stretches over different epochs shows images and scenes of a romantic and exotic Orient. Some paintings surely originated in the artist’s wishful thinking of sensual and sentimental scenes. In addition, the works of colonial times were characterised by Western pride and arrogance. However, that does in no way diminish the beauty of the motives, and sometimes it is exactly what makes them so appealing. With an art poster you can get this appeal into your own home and be enraptured by its elegance. The wishes and desires associated with the Orient are almost tangible on art prints and will have you dream of these wondrous countries. They whet your appetite for foreign cultures and the desire to get to know them. The pictures and posters on Posterlounge invite you to this world: they will take you on a unique journey full of unforgettable magic moments and make orientalism come to life.