Rococo art

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Capture the elegance of Paris with Rococo art

18-th-century Paris was a place of romance and splendour. From the grand parties at the palaces of Versailles to the opulent fashions and jewellery, this high society world was a place to see and be seen. Rococo art perfectly portrays the luxurious elegance of the era, with its soft lines, gentle colours and romantic scenes. Fancy bringing some of that fun and glamour into your décor? Easy – just hang some Rococo art on your walls to instantly bring a touch of Parisian chic to your home. This art style will work well with a variety of interior design themes, from traditional styles to the current hot trend of Parisian-inspired shabby chic. Take a look at our elegant collection of Rococo art to find your perfect match.

From portraits to parties

Rococo art captures Parisian life in a wide range of ways, from sophisticated portraits to lively social scenes. A portrait works really well in a traditionally decorated room, perhaps a dining room or study. Choose a famous face like ‘Madame de Pompadour’ or ‘Marie Antoinette’ for a deliciously regal effect. Alternatively, you can choose a more down-to-earth painting, such as ‘The chocolate girl’ or ‘The messenger’. Rococo art is famous for capturing the decadence of the era’s parties. A print of a palatial party brings a fun vibe to a living room or kitchen, ideal for hosting your own party.

Or perhaps you are more interested in the beautiful architecture of the time? Paintings of Europe’s great cities makes an eye-catching focal point. We love ‘The entrance to the grand canal Venice’ and ‘Dresden with Augustus bridge’ – both bring that unmistakeable Rococo style to well-loved landscapes. Rococo art also loves to showcase the heavenly world. A beautiful painting like ‘The triumph of Cupid over all the gods’ would be a gorgeous, romantic addition to a bedroom.

Match your print with the perfect material

When it comes to choosing a material for your Rococo art, the first that springs to mind is, of course, stretched cotton canvas. This gives an authentic museum finish to these historic paintings. Frame your canvas in an elegant floating frame and you’ll have something worthy of gracing any top gallery. You could mix it up and go for something contemporary though. The soft colours of Rococo art are well-suited to lightweight Forex foam board. Or for a more affordable option, our quality photo paper can be easily framed to create a professional effect.