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Romanticism: a golden age of painting

The 19th century saw the rise of the popular artistic era of Romanticism. Artists began to emphasise emotion and feeling in a way that hadn’t been done in the previous classical eras. Romantic painters loved to glorify the past, celebrate nature and bring a distinctive touch of golden light to their work. Turner, Constable and Blake were some of the era’s most famous artists, bringing a beautiful combination of emotion and restraint to their work.

Our range of paintings from the Romanticism era have a gentle and subtle style, capturing everything from sunsets to sailing ships. Take a look at our collection for some inspiration…

The beauty of nature

The painters of the Romanticism era loved to capture scenes from nature. The sea seemed to be especially inspiring, with many masterpieces depicting the sun setting over the sea, tall ships sailing on stormy waves, or arctic explorers sailing past icebergs in the freezing polar seas. T

urner’s ‘Sunset’ has a beautiful colour palette from soft pinks to pale blues that would look wonderful in a comfy living room, while Moran’s ‘Sailboats at sunsets’ has a dramatic golden glow that would bring the beauty of the dawn to your morning coffee when hung in the kitchen.

Friedrich’s ‘Monk by the Sea’ has a darker feel with steely greys and blues. A large print of this would bring that endless sense of the vast horizon and would really open up a room.

Choose the perfect material for your print

Now that you have chosen your favourite Romanticism prints, you need to think about your choice of material. To give your chosen image the authentic look of a genuine painting, try having it printed on canvas. Pair it with a floating frame and your image will look as if it should be hanging in a famous museum!

The glow of a sunset print would also look great printed on a glossier material, such as Alu-Dibond or acrylic glass - this would create a gorgeous contemporary finish. If your image has a lot of whites and pale colours, perhaps from clouds and morning skies, printing on Forex foam board can work really well. And if you have a tight budget, don’t worry – our high quality photo paper still gives you a great final effect for your Romanticism print.