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Victorian art

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Victorian art – Britain has never been so British

The Victorian age was undoubtedly the peak era of the British Empire. The Industrial Revolution sparked wave after wave of technological developments, and Britain’s position as a revered world power was unquestioned. There was an overwhelming sense of optimism among the burgeoning middle class, and this was reflected in the art of the time. Many artists focused on scenes of typical life in Victorian Britain: elegant ladies picking flowers, royal hunting parties and landscapes of the cities and towns that embodied the country’s economic prowess. With the real world more exciting than ever, there was little need to escape into fantasy. Victorian art now offers us a fascinating insight into this unique era – a time where traditionalism met progressivism as never before, and the true dawn of the modern age.

Victorian art takes your home back to a bygone time

Our Victorian posters offer the ideal relaxing backdrop to set a comfortable mood in your home. Wake up to the warm colours of John Atkinson Grimshaw’s “Autumn Morning” – perfect for your bedroom wall – or choose from a range of idyllic summer motifs to make sure the sun never sets on your house. “The Boathouse” by Alfred William Parsons perfectly encapsulates the Victorian notion of leisure time, while Arthur Claude Strachan’s “Tranquillity” depicts the holiday home you’ve always dreamed of.

One theme that was very common in Victorian art is the dress of the time – particularly the fine clothes of the upper classes, which fascinated the poorer workers. James Tissot’s “The Reception” is the perfect example of this common interest, as the smart dinner suits and fancy frocks mingle at a party the artist himself could never hope to attend. These elegant scenes are great for adding a touch of class to your hallway.

At the opposite end of this scale are the industrialised towns and cities that were home to the new working class. Though idealised Victorian art rarely dealt with the gritty details of such a life at close quarters, Victorian prints such as Grimshaw’s “Port of Liverpool” and “A Street at Night” offer some insight into the way these urban landscapes blended glamour with grime. Thanks to their stunning use of light, these also make great living room centrepieces.

High-quality formats for your Victorian art

The clean lines and rich colours of Victorian art are best depicted on fine-grain canvas, a medium that offers warmth and splendour. Our canvas prints can also be framed for that authentic gallery feel.