Andrea Haase

"I just want to make nice things and get enough sleep....."
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Andrea Haase

1964 in Bielefeld, Germany born Andrea Haase has studied interior design and already during university she worked in different areas of art and design. Later on she travel abroad and has been lving and working in many different european and overseas countries for about 10 years. Meanwhile she had developed a passion for photography and this became one of her professions.

Decorative home & garden stills, nature photograhy and travel shots are individually arranged and created with a good eye for details. She loves to work in her studio where she can choose from a huge amount of props as well as shooting outside in her country garden. Her images are popular for products like postcards, paper napkins and calendars.

Since  a couple of years, Andrea is also involved in creating wall art and here her love for painting and illustration merges into her photography skills. She loves digital image editing and does a lot of mixed media art, where she combines paintings, graphics and photos.

A former dairy that she renovated together with her friend is now her home and studio. There, in the very north-east of Germany, close to the baltic sea, she spends most of her time, but still does a lot of traveling. Always carrying her camera and sketchbook with her.