Anke Hartmann

Anke Hartmann

Anke Hartmann

Was born in 1986 in Leipzig and grew up in the city of the peaceful revolution. A large part of her childhood she spent in rural Lützschena with her grandparents, so she got a close relationship to animals, agriculture and the countryside.

In 2005, she successfully completed her high school diploma from a math and science high school in Leipzig. Then a degree course followed in Halle (Saale) in 2008 where she received her degree as a graphic designer.

Since 2009, Anke Hartmann worked as a freelance illustrator and painter, also founded in the same year her label ”Hirnsägerei” (brain sawmill) in which she sells her works.

For her, the creation of images is a vocation that she pursues successfully since early childhood. She won her first art competition at the age of 10 and was parallel to the high school at the age of 14 participated in various drawing courses of adult education center in Leipzig.

Anke Hartmann enriched since 2008, the art scene of Leipzig and other cities with numerous exhibitions. These were among others in the Library of Südvorstadt in Leipzig, various upscale locations such as the "Helheim" Moritzbastei and "sweet + salty" instead.

In recent years, through her own children's books spring caused some example "To the Stars" and "Where lives the light?" In addition, she also illustrated books of other writers like Gunter Preuss.

Original pictures of her can be purchased through her Internet shop “Hirnsägerei”. (