Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter

Beloved through the decades

Beatrix Potter’s stories and illustrations have been loved by children since the early 20th century. Beatrix was fascinated with nature and wildlife – and it is this love that shines through in her tales. Perfect for decorating a nursery, the lovable creatures portrayed in our collection of Beatrix Potter prints are still a firm favourite with children today.

But her artwork isn’t just for the youngsters! Why not treat yourself to beautiful Beatrix Potter pictures that would look fantastic in a wide range of rooms? Whether you hang your print in a country kitchen or a cosy living room, the magic of Beatrix Potter brings a smile to faces young and old

Cute animal characters

From the mischievous Peter Rabbit to the shy Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, Beatrix Potter brought the countryside animals of England to life in her stories. Her most famous character, Peter Rabbit, was inspired by a childhood pet bunny and now, that cute whiskery face and smart blue jacket have achieved iconic status. Hang the ‘Peter Rabbit’ print on your wall to bring a cheeky atmosphere to a room.

Or perhaps your favourite character was Jemima Puddleduck, the bird in a bonnet who defended her eggs so fiercely against the evil fox? Or the naughty mice who liked to play when the cat was away? ‘The Tailor Mouse’ has to be one of the most famous Beatrix Potter illustrations – and it would look great hung in a sewing room or living room.

The beauty of the Lake District

Not only did Beatrix Potter capture the likeness of British animals, she also captured its countryside. Many of her stories were inspired by summer holidays in the spectacular Lake District and you’ll find some pictures have this stunning scenery as a backdrop. ‘Miss Tiggy Winkle hanging the laundry’ boasts dramatic mountain landscapes, while the ‘Pigling bland crossroads’ showcases the pretty Lakeland lanes that bring visitors to the area year after year.

Choose the perfect material for your pictures

Once you have chosen your favourite prints, you can then choose from a range of materials. Go traditional with a canvas print hung in a shadow frame, or update the Beatrix Potter style by opting for modern materials, such as acrylic glass and Alu-Dibond, to give you a slender glossy look. Of course, if your budget is tight you can always choose our high-quality photographic paper, which gives you a great finish at an affordable price.