Mélanie Delon

Freelance illustrator
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Mélanie Delon

Freelance illustrator born in August 1980, I live in a small city near Paris.
I create illustrations for book covers, I’ve worked for many publishing houses, concept arts for video game industry and tutorials, work in progress for several magazines specialized in 2d.
In 2007, I published my first artbook « Elixir 1 », a collection of illustrations with short stories, followed by the second volume in 2010.

The worlds I’m trying to create through my illustrations are fantasy based, my favourite subject, but I always add a touch of classicism and romanticism, mixing styles brings more realism to the painting.

In 2012 I decided to try something new by creating my own publishing house/shop "Exuvia". Designing from start to finish my own products is extremely interesting and exciting!
I released in 2014 my third artbook “Opale 1” under this label :)

Thanks a lot for visiting my shop!