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DOROMI - Dorothea Maria Mischitz

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DOROMI - Dorothea Maria Mischitz

Visual artist, Klagenfurt, Austria. Studied painting and graphic design in Graz


Art activism "political wives - BB or BP?" February, 2013, House of Europe Klagenfurt, Wolfsberg Container25.

Exhibition  „R é v o lu t i o n__p o u r__l ‘ a m o u r“ Sept. 2012, Klagenfurt-Viktring

Project  „R é v o lu t i o n__p o u r__l ‘ a m o u r“ Start the Web Nov. 2011 - The revolution of love between man and woman

Presentation manga in bound form: "The world is rosy", 2005, Klagenfurt

Painting exhibition "Longing, Sense and Sensibility" in 2005, Kagenfurt

Twister By Price for "Carinthian Technical Research" in 2004

Art activism "panel voyeurs," Castle Keutschach 2004

Painting exhibition "Longing, Sense and Sensibility" in 2003, Villach

Manga "The world is rosy" The true story of an encounter with a pedophile in the form of an interview "- Museum of Applied Arts - Vienna 2003 - Nomination Price in European competition manga" manga Uaaahhh "

1 Price competition Architecture Watercolor "Pongauer picket fence" 1987

3 Price competition Carinthia Mascot 1986