In 2004, I began to paint with oil pastels on cardboard and since 2006 I prefer to paint with acrylic on canvas. As a freelancer in the social sector my daily life provides the inspiration for my Bilder.Zwischendurch I experiment every now and again like with other materials and modern technology so as to create a new perspective on my pictures and get new inspiration.


November 2010 permanent exhibition in the


Sun Studio Le Sol Okerstr 6 in Wolfenbüttel.   August 2011 permanent exhibition in the Practice for orthopedics

Dres.T. Miller and T.Possekel

Can caster Str. 4 in Wolfenbüttel


September 17 opening at 6: 00 P.m.

Training centre of Wolfenbüttel

Resin Str. 2-5

Wolfenbüttel, 38300


17 September 14 October 2011 in the Centre of learning in Wolfenbüttel