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Hieronymus Bosch

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Hieronymus Bosch

The Dutch painter with a dark side

Enter the nightmarish world of Hieronymus Bosch, one of the most famous Dutch painters of the Renaissance. Painting mainly onto large oak panels, he created vast masterpieces full of imaginative – and sometimes gruesome – details.

Inspired by stories from the Bible, Hieronymus Bosch paintings aim to shock. From winged demons to the seven deadly sins, he embraced the dark side of life and death. His work spans the heavenly world right down to the fiery pits of hell – and is never dull! But while his subject matter can be edgy, there is also plenty of light and beauty to admire in Hieronymus Bosch artwork. Take a look at our Hieronymus Bosch collection and treat yourself to a unique feast for the eyes.

From Heaven into Hell

Hieronymus Bosch liked to paint every realm of life, from the heavens down to hell. For a celestial feel, choose a print such as ‘The ascent to the heavenly paradise’ with its beautiful beams of light and serene angels.

Or how about the most famous Hieronymus Bosch print, ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’? Here you’ll find a host of intricate details as mankind enjoys frolicking in nature, some of them on the sexy side! This might not be one for a family room but the pretty colours and sensual atmosphere would work very well in an adult bedroom. For something darker, prints like ‘Last Judgement’ are endlessly fascinating.

Complement your Hieronymus Bosch print with the right material

Once you have chosen your favourite Hieronymus Bosch piece, you want it to look its best, right? Choosing the best material to enhance your print is key. If you’re looking for an authentic museum-style finish, then you can’t go wrong by choosing cotton canvas stretched over a wooden frame. Go one step further and pair it with a floating frame for a truly artistic effect.

If you have chosen a print with intense colours and contrast, slender Alu-Dibond gives you a great finish, while the sense of depth created by printing onto sleek acrylic glass can work well with the many layers of Hieronymus Bosch prints. If you have chosen a picture painted in whites and pale colours, then Forex foam board is not only fantastically lightweight, it also enhances the fine details perfectly. And if you’re looking for the most affordable option, our high-quality photo paper gives you a great finish at an even better price!