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Take photos was already as a child my hobby. I became quick the main photographer on travelling, family parties and with any other opportunity which came up. I always felt it as a special challenge to get animals before the lens, these are domestic animals or animals in the zoo. However, to take up really good animal pictures is not easy. Either the animals are too a long way off, move too fast or have even disappeared, until one is to be fired ready.

A professional camera equipment which I have got, in the meantime is important in any case. A good objective which takes up animals also from a distance well, a quick camera, so that the animals still look sharp in movement and do not blur. Besides, one should pay attention to good light and search a nice background. By some people it was already confirmed to me that I have a good imagination for successful pictures, an active imagination, as one could form them, and a good eye for nice motives.

Since 2008 I have made myself independent as an animal photographer.