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Personal …

My name is ... Norbert (J.) Sülzner

I live south of Osnabrück in ... Dissen aTW


By mail please contact me at ... NJS-Photographie [[@]] hotmail [[DOT]] com


A few facts about me, about my photography:

already at an early age I was introduced to the photography, I made my first steps with an old Kodak Instamatic. Later, my father transferred his Voigtländer rangefinder camera at me and then at some point a mirror-reflex, a Yashica came into my hands. Beside some holiday photos, this camera has proven to very many concerts. Together with my then beloved Kodak Ektachrome film

Years ago, I jumped on the digital train. First with a small Canon. But at some point the options that the canon offered me, were inadequate. I so I looked for a DSLR. A Pentax help me now, to realize my thoughts and ideas into compelling, put into interesting images.

I like to work with people, which is incredibly interesting and varied, also I like to shoot image at tabletop. But, walking through a city I always find an unusual design, pass without noticing the many people. People say that I have an eye for the everyday that I see everyday from an unprecedented perspective.

And otherwise?

Photography, in all its facets, it is that captivates me, fascinates me. Through learning-by-doing, by attending various workshops, and through the teaching of friendly photographers I've acquired knowledge of light reduction, image layout and image editing. I take pictures of objects, they lifted out from the crowd! I put it in perspective. As a normal product photography. Or with models in unusual locations, depending on the specifications and requirements.

I am constantly looking for new motives ..., ideas and suggestions. I'm open to tips, tricks and advice.