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Renate Knapp Waldundwiesenfee

Dear customers, I am very fond of nature go and catch the beautiful moments to this to give a to you. I hope a walk through my gallery is touching. I wish you much joy with nature on your wall. :-) Sincerely WaldundWiesenfee Renate Knapp
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Renate Knapp Waldundwiesenfee



Dear customers,


since childhood I am enthusiastically in nature and the joy of being on the road because

never been less, on the contrary! My love for photography has been with the

The first camera I as young people aged 16 years, bought born.

From that day on I have tried the natural beauty as identical as possible to the

Photography capture.


My pleasure working professionally as a photographer developed at the age of 20 years, in my two years as a child photographer in PIXIFOTO.


Because I love nature, I experience when they roam, every day anew.


The seasons, and the resulting change of light is always


again a new experience. Nature is so beautiful and I am continually amazed and having palpitations before.

Especially I like to try to accommodate the nature so that the image is more picturesque

acts and looks like a painting. Therefore, there are also many pictures of me with with

a soft Schärfeverlauf.


I want my paintings to be fun and bring you closer to nature.


I appreciate each image sale, because then I imagine that somewhere one

my pictures on your wall hanging and it prepares every day joy.

Thanks to all who support me always in my work.

Dear customers, thank you that you have selected a picture from my gallery.

I hope you enjoy it!

Kind Regards

Renate Knapp

Email: renate_knapp@gmx.de

Homepage: www.waldundwiesenfee.de