Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali – dissolving clocks and the meaning of unconscious

Who doesn´t know the dissolving clocks of the work “constancy of memories” of Salvador Dali? At the 20th century this eccentric artist got famous worldwide with that work and is one of the most famous representatives of surrealism. Immerse at Posterlounge in the dream world of Salvador Dali.

Salvadore Dali – surrealistic dream worlds

A dream as expression of unconscious. The flush as expression of spiritual condition. These are the central elements at Dali and the surrealistic art. The art is always expression of the inner psyche and fancy. Mystic, keyed and even nightmarish worlds of pictures arise for instance, which are fascinating today even more.

Salvador Dali – Champion in self-staging

Dali was born 1904 in Figueres/Spain and was just as eccentric and specific like his works. He loved to play to the gallery effectively – as well after his death in 1989. Therefore he decided to be entombed at his Teatro Museu Dali in Figueres, for being in memory for the next 300 years.