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Yana Moskaluk

Yana Moskaluk

I was a student of one artist school. When I was 19 I moved to Moscow and started to work as an illustrator in Art. Lebedev Studio. I'm still working there. My illustrations were published mostly in magazines and billboards in Moscow.
This winter i was in Japan. Now that country is my inspiration. I love to draw for myself - i can draw what i want. I just make a line and then a picture appears by itself. The process of drawing gives me my dose of satisfaction... Guitar players, dolls, scenes from my own fantasy are my favourite themes.

Yana Moskaluk provokes and inspires at the same time. Her pictures are true works of art and they captivate by fantastic colours, unbelievable detail accuracy and this very special gift to let merge beautiful fantasy and cruel reality in one image.

More of Yana´s fantastic artwork you can find here: