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Animal pictures

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Wild animals: art prints and art posters at

Why do they fascinate us? Wild animals. We like to look at their pictures, for various reasons. They are different from our pets. Or are they? Of course nobody would think of keeping an elephant in his living room like keeping a spaniel or dachshund or a cat. Yet we tend to forget that our pets have their roots in the wild animals. A cat, a dog is a predator, docile as it may be towards us. Ask the mice, for instance. They would give you quite another opinion. Maybe, secretly, it is due to their roots we like our pets so much: wildness tamed by mankind. Many an artist has been inspired by their beauty. And many an art print or art poster at Posterlounge gives witness to this. It is fun to take some time off and have a look at this great variety, pondering which one to choose. The flock of elephants in the wideness of Africa maybe, wandering slowly towards sunset? But the zebra would do as well very nicely as a mural.

An art print of wild animals

There has always been a close relationship between men and beasts. Therefore it is of little wonder how many pictures of animals men have created. There is a great fascination in the independence of a wolf, a deer, a lion – they do look after themselves. Enjoying their freedom, they roam through the world and don´t care very much for humanity. Maybe this is one of the reasons why artists always have portrayed and always will portrait animals in various shapes – some works of arts are realistically, some abstractedly, some mythically. At Posterlounge there is a great variety of art prints and art posters of the highest quality to rummage at one´s hearts´ desire. Some of these pictures of exotic animals look very cute – a baby lion for instance has an almost unfair amount of charm. An adult lion, on the other hand, expresses strength, power, magnificence. A mural with such a motive can awake corresponding emotions and is therefore an enrichment of the day. Sipping at the first cup of coffee in the morning, looking at a baby lion with it´s funny face on a poster may easily be able to put a smile on our face.

Wild animals and myths as art prints

Wild animals have always paid an important rôle in the myths of mankind. In an act of gratefulness artists have done them proud therefore by many a picture. Of course there are animals more ‘suitable’ than others for magical rites. A wolf for example, or a jaguar, an eagle, a deer often appear in drawings and pictures of old times. It is very good that at least some of them still exist because they have become a deep well of inspiration for artists of our times. At Posterlounge there is a great variety of beautifully done art prints and art posters showing scenes of magic and something that comes quite close to witchcraft. Many posters yet show a harmony between human and beast. The beautiful girl with the huge green eyes, her eyes very much alike to the eyes of the jaguar she leans on. A very much beloved motive of many art prints and art posters is that of being woman and wild horse close together, their hair entangled, their eyes dreaming. It is always a pleasure to look at a mural like this.