Feather Posters

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Do feather pictures tickle your fancy?

Feathers have long been used to brighten up everything from our hats to our homes. And their soft textures and vibrant colours have inspired a legion of artists as well. Whether you’re a bird lover or a fan of the boa, you’re going to love our feather prints. They’re a fantastic way to inject some glamour into your home. They also have a beautiful, subtle look that makes an impact without being too bold and brash. Why not take a look at our gorgeous selection of feather pictures now?

Birds of a feather – from peacocks to parrots

The great thing about borrowing from our bird friends is that they come in every imaginable colour. And that means you’ll have no trouble finding feather pictures to fit with your interior design. The most glamorous of all the feathers have to be those from the strutting peacock. Their highly-prized tail feathers evoke an old-school vintage feel, thanks to their soaring popularity in the 1920s. And those dazzling blue eye patterns have a real mystical quality. The thick plumage in ‘Feathers of a male peacock’ and the simple beauty in ‘Peacock Feather’ are two of our most popular feather canvas images. Other vibrant and colourful choices include ‘Spring ink’ and ‘Indian red’.

If you love the idea of guardian angels, why not hang beautiful feather pictures like ‘Angel wings’ above you or your family’s beds? It is certainly a lovely take on the theme. Monochrome feather pictures are also a popular, and modern, choice. Go for a striking black background with prints like ‘Federleicht’ or a lighter white background with prints like ‘Monochrome spring’. Black-and-white prints is a trend that never goes out of style! Another hot trend is for graphic design posters, such as ‘Sparrow flight in rose quartz and serenity’.

Breathe life into your feather pictures with the right material

Help your prints look their best with a clever material choice. Monochrome prints with a white background look best printed onto lightweight Forex foam board, which has the added bonus of hanging safely on any wall you like. To add some depth and shine to your prints, acrylic glass can be a lovely modern choice. Or if you want to add some oomph to intensely coloured feather pictures, it has to be slender Alu-Dibond.