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Peacock Posters

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Shake your tail feather with peacock pictures

Proud peacocks are the most elegant of the birds. Their magnificent tails, their vivid jewel-like colours, their piercing eyes – it’s no wonder they hold their heads high. What beauties! Hanging peacock pictures in your home is a fabulous way to recreate that sense of proud beauty and elegance. These splendid birds have inspired artists throughout the ages – and that means we know have an extensive collection of peacock art to tempt you with.

Whether you choose a historic Japanese peacock print or a bold modern image, your new peacock wall art will bring a real touch of royalty to your walls. Just dip in to find the ones that make your heart sing.

From classic paintings to contemporary prints

These stunning birds have featured in beautiful artworks for centuries. If you are looking for a classic peacock canvas, choose a painting like ‘Palace of Amsterdam with exotic birds’ or ‘A crow in peacock’s feathers’ by famous Baroque artist Paul de Vos.

Many of our peacock pictures have an Asian style that would look fantastic in a Japanese-inspired interior design theme, with dark wood and minimalist furniture. ‘Two peacocks in spring’ with its beautiful Japanese cherry blossom and ‘White peacock’ with its unique pale feathers are two popular and striking choices.

Peacock pictures can also make a serene addition to bathroom walls, perhaps paired with waterfall pictures or prints of the ocean. ‘Love by the lake’ with its tranquil waters and ‘Peacocking around’ with its wash of sea colours would both look great. Or why not go for a print of those amazing feathers up close? We love ‘Feathers of a male peacock’, whose repeated pattern would complement a contemporary room well.

Help your peacock pictures look their best

Choosing the right material for your prints will help them to stand out and make the impact you want. Historic paintings are given a gallery-worthy finish when printed onto stretched cotton canvas. Up their wow factor even more by choosing a floating frame to hang them in.

If you have chosen a vibrant photographic print, you might want to consider a modern material. Acrylic glass gives a beautiful shine and sense of depth, while rustic FSC-certified wood board gives colours a bold finish. Whatever material you choose, make sure you hang your proud peacock pictures in pride of place!