Butterfly Posters

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Pretty butterfly pictures

Colourful, delicate butterflies – these beauties have captured the hearts of many nature lovers. Choosing some butterfly wall art is the perfect way to inject some colour into your interior design themes. The sheer variety of shapes and patterns that adorn those dainty wings makes it easy to find a butterfly print that complements your colour scheme. Whether you’re looking for an elegant contemporary design or a cute and cheery image for a little girl, our collection of butterfly pictures has something for everyone. Why not dive in to find your favourites?

From abstract art to photography

Butterfly pictures come in a wide range of art styles. After all, their fragile beauty has inspired artists throughout the ages. Wildlife enthusiasts will love some of our more scientific butterfly pictures, such as ‘Chart of butterflies’, and the close-up sketches of a single species, such as the vivid turquoise wings in ‘White morpho, Morpho laertes’.

Butterflies add a little extra magic to many flower pictures. We love the transparency of the wings and the petals in ‘Poppy and butterfly’. It would look fantastic with soft, contemporary interior design trends. Or how about the bold pinks and purples in ‘Butterfly on flowers’? It would certainly add a vibrant splash of colour to crisp white walls. You’ll also find some great butterfly pictures for children. Decorate your nursery with ‘The Fairy Queen’s carriage’ and watch those little smiles! The funny butterfly ears in ‘Bella the happy Butterphant’ are also at hit with youngsters.

Choosing the perfect material for your print

Help your butterfly pictures to look their best by taking some time to choose your material. Delicate prints with lots of white background look fantastic when printed onto lightweight Forex foam board. This modern material not only hangs safely on any wall but it also helps enhance the fine details of your print.

Butterfly pictures with bright colours are given an intense finish when printed onto slender aluminium, while soft butterfly paintings work well with stretched cotton canvas. You can even pair your canvas with an elegant floating frame for an authentic gallery effect. And don’t worry if you are on budget. Our high-quality photo paper gives you a great performance at an affordable price – and can be easily framed if you’re looking for a long-lasting and professional finish.